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Dubrovnik is located at the southernmost part of Croatia. Its history was marked by its strategic position at the entrance of the maritime channels formed by 1200 islands of Croatia, on the trade route that was the Adriatic Sea. Consequently, it became the link between Orient and Occident, a free trading city-state. Using the power of diplomacy and commerce, it grew into one of the richest and most advanced republics in Mediterranean. The Republic was never affected by wars, that explains why it is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world! Each stone is where it belongs and has a story to tell. Most of the facades are similar, in order not to provoke social troubles. Slavery was banned in the 15th century…
Nothing and no one stood out. Result: perfect harmony. The classification in the UNESCO World heritage testifies the importance and the beauty of the walls of Dubrovnik and the living city inside.

Well, let us find out why Dubrovnik is often referred to as the “Pearl of Adratic” and why the great artist Georges Bernard Shaw called it “Paradise on Earth”.