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Dubrovnik and Konavle countryside

This tour reveals the heritage of Dubrovnik, a perfect combination between nature and culture. Your driver and the guide will bring you first to the City of Dubrovnik, the center of the ancient republic, a Mediterranean city-state that developed a very original system through history. The walking tour will last about an hour. You will see its main attractions.

From Dubrovnik you will have a pleasant 45 minutes drive through towns and villages along the coast to Konavle, the southernmost region of Croatia, bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The history of Konavle region dates to Antic times. You will be delighted by this peaceful oasis of rich Mediterranean vegetation, dominated by the green oaks, olive and cypress trees harbouring old stone villages. But Konavle is even more specific because tradition is not only cherished but is nowadays the biggest asset of this area. Living in a place that has always been surrounded by dangerous borders taught its people to be self-sustainable. In the past they not only grew their own food and grapes, made wine and grappa, dried figs, they did a lot more. They made their own clothes too and for that purpose they produced their own high-quality wool and silk. Enthusiastic young people take the best the tradition, nature and culture have to offer and bring it all to a higher level. They embrace these values, stay with their families on their land and create amazing experiences for their visitor.

Learn about the silk production and traditional embroidery in the authentic ambience of an art gallery. During the visit you will get an insight to the historical and sociological aspect of the Konavle region. You will see a demonstration of silk thread production, costume making and embroidery from Konavle, an invaluable and typical heritage. The presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes, at the end you will taste traditional “sweet delights” and homemade liqueurs.

You will then go for visiting an old water mills complex in a beautiful wood along the Ljuta river (= angry river), totally restored on the personal initiative of a local farmer. He will tell you the life of its ancestors around a wheat mill and a wool beating system to produce felt.

Finally, you will go in the traditional stone house of a winegrower family that will present to you the history of their house and you will taste their wines, olive oil and other products. You will discover the cooking under the bell in a lunch by the inhabitants realized with local products coming almost all from their garden, if not from the immediate neighborhood.

The principle of the „under the bell“ cuisine is veal, lamb and potatoes are put on a metal platter, on a bed of embers and covered with a metal bell-shaped lid. A ring on the bell enables embers to be maintained on the lid. The meal is cooked for 3 hours in the stew. Food becomes crisp on the surface but melts on the inside. Order good local wine and experience true gastromical pleasure!


Local aperitif: liqueurs and brandies
Starter: smoked ham from Konavle and local cheese selection with olives
Main dish: veal and lamb with potatoes cooked under the bell
Dessert: cake of the house
Beverage package (1/4l of wine or beer or juice + 1/2l of water + coffee or tea)

Transfer back by the panoramic road to your accommodation in Dubrovnik.

Price of the excursion

Price for 1 person = 921,00 €
Additional charge if your accommodation is farther than 10 km. = 50,00 €

Price per person for 2 persons = 492,00 €
Additional charge per person if your accommodation is farther than 10 km. = 25,00 €

Price per person for 3 to 4 persons = 404,00 €
Additional charge per person if your accommodation is farther than 10 km. = 22,00 €

Price per person for 5 to 6 persons = 268,00 €
Additional charge per person if your accommodation is farther than 10 km. = 13,00 €

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